23 Nov 2012

into dust.

first stuff I've enjoyed shooting in such a long time. this is the beginning of a project which i'm collaborating with a friend of mine whose going to make me tons of beautiful things to use and models to wear in the photos.

model: dela fard
props: lucy rogers


9 Jul 2012

i went to paris for the fourth time and it was more magical then ever.

29 Mar 2012

march scans

i've come home from manchester for a week or so, and got a few rolls of film from this month developed.
johnny's 21st.
sunny days in the park
and finally, some film shots from a while ago in the studio.

25 Feb 2012

i miss summer.

just some scans from last summer. i can't wait for it to be here again.

17 Feb 2012

i made a book to show some of my final images for university.

6 Feb 2012

testing out the daylight studio at uni with my boy today.

31 Jan 2012

photos from a shoot i did at the very beginning of the year whilst visiting home for christmas.
and then jess looking far too pretty for her own good in a head shot for her acting portfolio